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.我们的服务范围领域包括:时尚 - 食品 - 家装用品以及补充用品



> Why

Each one of your needs is a challenge!

A personal shopper is an expert whose aim is to give you support in choices and in shopping for all kind of needs and in all kind of situations when it’s important to identify the right thing at the right time. The commitment to satisfy your requests is, for me, the beginning of a journey in an enthusiastic world that stands between the reality, the imagination and the dream. Thanks to a great knowledge of the contemporary market I offer a professional service dedicated to satisfy your needs of personalized purchasing for any occasion.

The treasure is On Air … you just have to find it!

> Who

I'm Sabina Pianigiani and I've been working in the world of fashion and design for many years. I love that world and I put my competence at your disposal to support your choices at 360°. I've been studying at Polimoda in Florence following specific courses like PERSONAL SHOPPER and IMAGE CONSULTING.

I put my professional knowledge at disposal to all those who need a support to make choices that will help them define a personal and original style, expanding all possibilities that the market offers, modern, classic or trendy. To those who need to bee accompanied and supported to make fast decisions or to those who need the right thing for the right person at the right time. Consult the section WHAT to know more about the services that I offer.

Shopping assistance

For private persons

Analysis of the client's requests and individuation of the best purchase to meet the client's requirements. Range of intervention: fashion, gastronomy, household design objects and complements.

Special attention also regarding the world of KIDS individuating the most appropriate objects for their development (pushchair, pram, high chair, nursery and all complements).

For companies

Accompanying groups shopping according to the requests and needs (fashion, gastronomy).

Image consulting


Accurate and personalized advices, suggestions and indications for the requests of every single client to better valorize the own image concerning the look.

Special attention regarding the world of KIDS.


Possibility for people travelling to get advices concerning how to individuate the best look or how to valorize it to the best for an upcoming or unexpected event (last minute). Or just for feeling at top in an unknown city.

Gift assistance

For private persons

We propose personalized, original and exclusive gifts for the receiver or groups of "special" receivers.

Special attention also regarding the world of KIDS.

For companies

We propose personalized and original gifts for groups of collaborators and/or clients, suppliers ecc.

To hotels, we propose gifts to their guests/customers to leave in the rooms or at the moment of departure.

Trip assistance


Specially personalized itineraries suiting the target of the product and/or the service requested or sought-after.

For companies

Planning and organizing exclusive itinerary where the guests of your company can relax and/or enjoy the beauty of the territory.


For private persons

Wedding planning, organizing birthdays, baptisms, degrees, party etc. Individuation of the location for dinners, lunches, tee, aperitivi and possibly suggestions to personalize the structure where the event is taking place, collaborating with all the staff involved.

For companies

Individuation of the location for business dinners and lunches, conferences, aperetivo etc.

Individuation of the location and all the gadgets for the event such as: personalized gadgets, block notes, pencils, pens etc.

For friends

For private persons

Make a gift to your friend and give him/her a whole day with my support accompanying your friend in the search for the best solutions of his/her needs!

For kids

For private persons

Kids are unexpectedly demanding and therefore one need to pay particular attention and the greatest care to this category of consumers. The current market supply, concerning all the aspects of the kids life from toys to clothes, has increased offering greater possibilities and quality. But what do they really like? What is then the best choice? Where is the best place to buy?


For private persons / for companies

Accompanying groups shopping according to the requests and needs (fashion, gastronomy).


Plase use the form located in 'CONTACT' to get in touch with sabina lookingfor. Services will be delivered by:


Check out the table below to choose the service that best suits your needs!